Private Label Airbrush Makeup

We offer you your own private label line. Extensive luxury airbrush cosmetic line and a full range of high quality products. We pride ourselves in using only the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients.

A private label is when you offer a unique line of products, in this case airbrush makeup, and market it under your name. Just think of all the products that are named and promoted by different stars and designers - and how profitable they are when they're quality products. Today, many local and international spas, salons, cosmetic schools, makeup artists are partnering with us to launch their own brand of natural mineral airbrush cosmetics. You can, too.

Done right, it's the perfect opportunity to change the face of your business, making it more appealing than ever. After all, a brand is more than a name or a symbol - it's a reflection of who you are, what you stand for, and how you engage your clients. So if you want to be more than just another place to buy common cosmetics, it's time to partner with us to create your own quality brand.

We have a sample package available if you wish to try some of the products first, before leaping into creating your own signature line.

The sample package includes:
6 x HD foundations [0.25oz/7.5ml]
3 x Blush [0.25oz/7.5ml]
5 x Eye shadow [0.25oz/7.5ml]
2 x Shimmers {pearl, silver, gold, bronze ect} [0.25oz/7.5ml]
3 x Mineral foundations [0.25oz/7.5ml] 
1 x Soy Protein primer setting mist [0.25oz/7.5ml]
Total cost including shipping is $200 [US]
Invoice and payment will be done via PayPal
Don't miss this chance to expand your business with this great opportunity.

Terms and conditions
We ship world wide
Payment accepted via Electronic transfer or PayPal in US Dollar currency
Non paid orders will be cancelled after 7 days
Manufacturing might take up to 3 weeks [we manufacture on order to provide you with the freshest makeup]
Shipping is excluded
You can arrange your own courier or we ship via EMS [5 - 7 working days]
Shipping will be calculated once the order was received
This is non refundable transactions

To order
Send an email with the follow details
Name & Surname
Address & contact details
Product to order & quantity
Label & Brochure design fee will be paid before hand and separate from the order

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  1. How fast can I get a shipment from there to Houston, Tx??

    1. Depends on the size of your order, but we can ship within 2 days after payment

  2. Replies
    1. 0824966228 or 0815446682, but they will not answer!

  3. In your email date 13/11/2015 you write:
    "Goeie more
    Ek wl laat weet ek het 2 combos oor, daarna sal ek moet bstel, wat so week sal vat".
    Payment was made quickly so we could get the combo.
    This combbo was offered by you where I only wanted the spraytan system. In our conversation on the phone, you told me that I get 1lt spraytan liquid, tan extender, all kind of other stuff to do a minimum of 30 spraytans.
    It took me and my lawyer a week of fighting to get the parcel sent to! It was supposed to be with methe Tuesday after payment. When I eventually got hold of you on Tuesday, youtold me, sorry, I had to wait for the tan extender to arrive so I could send the! from Clicks? Nah, don't believe you anymore.
    It took a week of phone calls and emails and eventually placing negative stuff on facebook to get you to return my calls and lots of threats so I could get the parcel tracking number.
    I was to receive a spraytan compressor and an airbrush compressor.
    I was to receive an online training course worth R2800.
    I received 200ml of each spraytan liquid! wtf!
    I received a spraytan compressor. No airbrush compressor.
    I was to receive all kinds of advertising materials and guides and tan extenders. I received none of this!
    I was to receive tan extenders to extend the spraytan of the clients..I received tubs of creams from CLICKS!!!
    The whole price was R13150! I wrote you an email on 3/12/2015 explaining what was missing and got no reply. I sent heaps of whatsapp messages and text messages and tried to call and everytime no answer. Then on 11 December 2015, you answered your phone and told me that you were apalled that your assistant in the shop didn't pack the stuff she should have and that you would arrange to end this. You also told me I would get an email with the link for the training and that you would ensure that I got the liters liquid promised to me. You also said that you didn't have stock of the airbrush compressor, but that it had arrived that morning and it would also be sent!!!
    It is 7/1/2015 and still NOTHING!
    SHAME ON YOU!!! I will NEVER refer anyone to you again! I had to stand redfaced in front of clients and turn them away for spraytans (after I ADVERTISED on your promises!)
    The loss of income, the loss of clients in a small town like Nylstroom is such a hard hit for my business I am still reeling from it! December is the busiest time of the year and because I falsely advertised I lost craploads!